We have consulted public health experts and put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, in your shoes, to find solutions to your concerns and ensure that your holidays and the desired reunion with nature, you can do them with tranquility and security. And these are our commitments:

  • Adaptation of hygiene and disinfection protocols to all hotel spaces
  • Provide a secure booking framework to cover cancellations due to the changing situation

New protocols for cleaning, disinfection and social distance

We have redefined our levels of hygiene and safety, going beyond mandatory protocols, while maintaining our commitment to sustainability.

Starting with the common areas, increasing the frequency of cleaning and using efficient disinfectants.  Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been distributed in all areas of the hotel and billboards reminding the need to maintain safe distances and other indications convenient for all.

And for the rooms we have added strict protocols, ensuring that all surfaces are cleaned using appropriate disinfectants and using disposable items.

We facilitate the social distance in the provision of certain services thanks to the use of mobile and internet, so that check-in, choose breakfast, consult the menu and place orders to take to the room can be done digitally from easy way. And at all times we will actively monitor by updating our solutions to ensure the health of our customers and employees.

Secure reservations in the face of the changing situation

Given the possible restrictions that may arise due to the uncertain and changing situation of the evolution of the pandemic, we want to ensure the peace of mind of our customers when they make a reservation. For this reason, we have adapted the cancellation conditions to make secure reservations.

Reservations that must be canceled due to new restrictive measures decreed by the authorities that make unviable either the mobility of the client or the opening of the hotel, may be canceled free of charge or may be postponed for some new dates. In this case, we encourage our customers to choose to postpone their reservation to help us better withstand the current economic situation. We will know how to thank that.

More than ever, take a break and reconnect with nature in safety.